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During these troubled times, more of us are forced to find new ways to do our work. For those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely, Zoom has become our main tool: working, teaching, presenting, meeting remotely is very easy on the Zoom platform.

On this page I've attempted to provide a set of useful resources for Zoom: whether it's video tutorials, tips and tricks, cheatsheets or free virtual video backgrounds.

I will add more resources here in the following days and weeks. Make sure you bookmark this page and come back often.

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Zoom keyboard shortcuts

Zoom-Keyboard-Shortcuts-Chris-Menard (Size: 1.3MB)

Download this free cheatsheet with the top 10 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts.

Zoom Training Articles, Blog posts, Tips & Tricks

ZOOM : share multiple applications at once

ZOOM : share multiple applications at once

Pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom

Pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom

ZOOM : Basic vs. Pro Account - 7 Features you are missing

ZOOM : Basic vs. Pro Account - 7 Features you are missing

ZOOM - Join Before Host with Time Limits

ZOOM - Join Before Host with Time Limits

Zoom Security Enhancements for May 2020

Zoom Security Enhancements for May 2020

Zoom - Show host toolbar controls during screen share

Zoom - Show host toolbar controls during screen share

Zoom Training Videos, Tutorials and Tips

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External web camera vs. built-in & audio comparison

The video quality with an external camera is far superior to the build-in one integrated camera on your laptop.

Updating to Zoom 5.0 & Reporting a user

Starting May 30, 2020, Zoom users must be on client 5.0 in order to join a Zoom meeting. There are security enhancements in Zoom 5.0.

Customize the Zoom Waiting Room with a logo

You can customize your Zoom waiting room by adding your picture, a company logo, a title, and a description.

Schedule a recurring Zoom meeting in Outlook

Regardless of the calendar app, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., the recurrence is always scheduled in the calendar app.

Zoom Security Enhancements for May 2020

The update is May 17, 2020 version 5.0.3 (24951.0515)

Security icon is now part of Meeting Controls

The new dedicated security icon allows users to quickly access all of Zoom's safety features. This security update puts host controls for securing a meeting at the forefront. 

The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling

This video covers how to use passwords in Zoom with Generate Automatically (dynamic) - the password changes for every meeting and meetings with the PMI. The video also covers how to use passwords for Personal Meeting IDs (PMI). 

Using the Waiting Room in Zoom

The Waiting Room is enabled by default in Zoom. You can configure the waiting room to allow members of your company or organization to bypass the Waiting Room.

Zoombombing: 3 ways to protect your Zoom meeting

"Zoombombing," is when an uninvited participant joins your Zoom meeting and disrupts your meeting. This video is covering three easy ways to protect your meeting from Zoombombing.

Passwords are now REQUIRED for meetings

Effective April 4, 2020, zoom meetings require a password to join a meeting.  Also being implemented is "Waiting Rooms" are enabled by default.

Share a Video with Audio

Sharing a video with audio or sound so that your participants can hear it is easy, but most Zoom hosts have a hard time realizing they need to check

25 free virtual video backgrounds

Zoom Video Conference offers you two video backgrounds to use with virtual backgrounds. We have developed 25 free video backgrounds that you can use with Zoom Meetings.

Virtual backgrounds not working?

Virtual backgrounds do work with the free account, and if you are having issues getting virtual backgrounds to appear, here is my solution.

Virtual Background not working? (part 2)

If your Zoom virtual background is not working, there are three things to check. This is a follow-up video.

Video as a Virtual background in meetings

Zoom now allows you to have a video as your virtual background in your meetings. This is a great feature released in early 2020. You can still do an image background with or without a green screen.

Virtual background w/o a green screen

Zoom Video now allows you to have a virtual background without a green screen if you have an i7 processor. A virtual background feature allows you to display an image as your background during a Zoom Meeting.

Installing the Zoom Outlook Plugin

The Zoom Outlook Plugin allows you to schedule meetings from Microsoft Outlook. In this short video, I install the Zoom plugin to Outlook for the desktop with an Office 365 subscription. 

Add polling to Zoom Meetings

Zoom allows the host to poll participants and display the poll results. To use polling in Zoom, you have to enable it first.

Zoom: Save polls and keyboard tips for the Mac

Zoom allows you to poll your audience. This is a great feature for opening a meeting or giving your audience input on future events. 

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Zoom meetings

Zoom video conference is a popular online meeting or video conference platform. Keyboard shortcuts can save you time when working in Zoom. There are over 30 keyboard shortcuts in Zoom. I'll cover my top 10 shortcuts in this video. 

Use nonverbal feedback in Zoom meetings

Zoom and RingCentral Meetings allow you as the host to use nonverbal feedback during your meetings. You must first turn on nonverbal communications in your online setting.

Use a virtual background with Zoom Meetings

Zoom has a cool feature called virtual background. The virtual background feature allows you to display an image as your background during a Zoom Meeting. This feature, by default, had three images, but you can add your own images. The virtual background works best with a green screen and lighting.

Zoom Free Virtual Video Backgrounds - behind the scenes

Zoom Virtual Video Background is a great feature. One of the issues with the video backgrounds is Zoom only gives you two video backgrounds. You can add video backgrounds, but they have to be the correct size. We have developed over 25 video virtual backgrounds you can use in Zoom (see below).

Free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Click on images to download Zoom background.

Zoom static virtual background 1
Zoom static virtual background 2
Zoom static virtual background 3
Zoom static virtual background 4
Zoom static virtual background 5
Zoom static virtual background 6
Zoom static virtual background 7
Zoom static virtual background 8

Free Zoom Virtual Video Backgrounds

NEW Virtual Backgrounds | August 2020