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2021 Excel Training for CPAs

December 10, 2021

Training sessions with Chris Menard. 

Topics covered:

  • Vertical Analysis
  • Horizontal Analysis
  • Analyzing Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Year over Year analysis
  • Unpivoting data
  • Functions for CPAs

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Here are some of the corporate clients I've trained since 1997:

Coca-Cola Atlanta
Clayton County Water Authority
Georgia Pacific
Georgia Society of CPAs
Gwinnett Medical Center
Mizuno USA
Ronald Blue Trust
University of Georgia

Bonnie P Matthews

"As a nurse moving into the education area, I needed to learn how to create PowerPoint presentations quickly and creatively and manage a variety of spreadsheets. I had the pleasure of attending several of Chris’ training classes.

He was very thorough and efficient, while keeping the class interesting with his energetic personality. He used scenarios that were relatable and we practiced in class for real-time learning. I walked away from his courses more proficient and ready to create education on my own.

I highly recommend Chris for your education and training needs."

– Bonnie P. Matthews

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OneNote - SORT PAGES  - New Feature - 2022

OneNote - SORT PAGES - New Feature - 2022

Breaks in Microsoft Word: Page, Section, Column break with examples

Breaks in Microsoft Word: Page, Section, Column break with examples

Teams - Files app to find files in Teams chat, channels, downloads, and OneDrive

Teams - Files app to find files in Teams chat, channels, downloads, and OneDrive

Excel Conditional Formatting - Getting started with five examples

Excel Conditional Formatting - Getting started with five examples

Excel Five Great Tips for Filtering Data

Excel Five Great Tips for Filtering Data

Excel - Create a custom list to sort data

Excel - Create a custom list to sort data

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Previous training events with Chris Menard

I've published my past events here so you can benefit from the resources. Many of them still have the recording available.

Excel: Advanced Functions for PMBA Students
September 2020

Functions covered: IF, AND, VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, MAXIFS, XLOOKUP (O365), New Dynamic Array Functions (O365)

Excel: Getting Started with Financial Statements
September 2020

We ran through several financial transactions using T accounts in Excel. We discussed debits and credits. Then created an Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Finally, we examined an income statement.

ZOOM Staff Training for UGA
June 2020

Topics covered: Host controls, Participants controls, Secure your Zoom meeting with a waiting room, Secure your Zoom meeting with a password, How to lock a meeting, Lockdown sharing controls, Lockdown annotation, Use a virtual background, How and when to use a co-host, Polling during a Zoom meeting, Set up recurring Zoom meeting.

Zoom Resources Page
Live speaking event on ZOOM: DeKalb Chapter of CPAS
June 2020

Zoom topics covered: Customizing the Waiting Room, Creating Polls, Screen sharing tips, Using virtual backgrounds in Zoom, Keyboard shortcuts.

Details and videos
Live speaking event: DeKalb Chapter of CPAS
February 2020

Excel topics covered: PivotTables, Importing data from the web, Geography and Stock Data Type, Unpivot Columns using Get & Transform, Using Tables

Details and videos
Performing Financial Ratios
January 2020

In this webinar, recorded on January 28, 2020, for the Executive MBA students for the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, we will look at financial ratios for the balance sheet, ratios for the income statement, and finally ratios that use both the income statement and balance sheet.

Details and view recording
Analyzing Financial Statements
January 2020

We analyze the Income Statements using vertical and horizontal analysis. We start off this webinar by using T Accounts to record transactions and then create an Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Details and view recording
Business and Industry Conf.
November 2019

Training sessions with Chris Menard, hosted by The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPAs)

Excel Deep Dive Session Excel Tips to Set You Apart from the Pack
Essential Excel functions
December 2018

The University of Georgia Terry College of Business Executive MBA webinar.

Details and recording
Executive MBA Webinar 2
January 2018

Covers 10 reasons to use Tables instead of ranges in Excel. It covers PivotTable options for resizing columns and saving your source data. PivotTables portion of the video includes deleting your data source and still being able to manipulate your PivotTables. Plus, it shows how to have multiple subtotals inside a PivotTable.

Details and recording
Executive MBA webinar 1
September 2017

Follow up to my live Excel training for the EMBA students on September 23, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Terry College of Business. I have been training the EMBA students since 2010.

Details and recording

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Instructor is the highest level of certification possible for the world's leading desktop software - Microsoft Office. View more about me and see my certifications here.

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