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Microsoft is constantly adding new features to the Office suite. Every month there are new releases, updates, improvements and it can be difficult to keep on top of things.

As an Office 365 Insider and Office trainer, it's my job to test these features way ahead of their public release and I am sharing about them in my Office Insider Club. If you join the club, you will receive frequent updates, notifications, articles and videos with all the cutting-edge features coming out for Microsoft Office! I will record simple, step-by-step videos showcasing the new stuff and teaching you how you can take advantage of them.

Most Office customers are content just working with the basic set of functions while the bulk of the functionality remains unutilized - not because they don't need it, but because some don't even know it's there!

Don't waste more time discovering these on your own or living without them. Join the club for free and I'll keep you up to date way ahead of time so that when the features are available, you're ready for them.

Join below and make the most of your Office 365 subscription!

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What will you see in the Insider Club?

Here are three example videos showcasing some new Microsoft Office 365 features. You will get these types of videos, each one specific to a single new feature, showing you how it works, where to find it and how to take advantage of it.