Simple Bank to BBVA USA - Essential dates you need to know

Posted on:  04/03/2021
Simple Bank to BBVA USA - Essential dates you need to know

Simple Bank is closing on May 8, 2021. Simple is transitioning to BBVA USA. The good news is your money is safe. It is already with BBVA. You won't lose any money! You can continue to use your Simple debit card and checking account since your routing number and bank account number will stay the same. You can also close your account with Simple Bank if you want to.

What stays the same after the transition to BBVA USA?

  1. Routing Number
  2. Checking Account number
  3. Debit Card
  4. Simple checks still work

What will continue to work after the transition to BBVA USA?

Aside from continuing using your debit card and writing paper checks, authorized withdraws and deposits will work.

  1. Preauthorized withdraws - examples include Nexflix, Hulu, car insurance
  2. Direct deposits - examples include payroll checks, unemployment deposits, and stimulus checks

How are BBVA USA and Simple Bank working together?

BBVA USA has been Simple’s partner bank for over five years—your money is already housed and FDIC-insured (up to the applicable limits) there! See the image below from my Simple Bank.

Simple Bank closing and BBVA USA are already partners since 2014

BBVA USA has been Simple's partner bank for over 5 years

What changes after the transition to BBVA USA?

After the transition to BBVA USA, you will no longer be able to access your Simple Bank account since it now with BBVA USA.

Simple Bank to BBVA USA - Essential Dates you need to know

April 22 - April 26

Approximately two weeks before May 8th, Simple will email you with instructions for signing into your BBVA account using the BBVA Online Banking and through the BBVA Mobile Banking app.

May 4, 2021

  • Support messages: You'll no longer be able to send a new support message through your Simple app. If you need help or report an unauthorized transaction between May 4 and 8, give Simple a call at 888-248-0632.
  • Paper checks: You won't be able to order any new checks (although you can keep using any paper checks you have, even after the transition).
  • Transfer to a friend: Transferring money to another Simple customer (aka, "Instant transfer") will no longer be available.
  • Transferring funds: You won't be able to use the Simple app to transfer funds to or from an external account. Don't worry—if you need to get money into or out of your Simple Account, you can have your other bank initiate the transfer.

May 6, 2021

  • Mobile check deposits: You won't be able to deposit paper checks using your Simple app. After the transition, you can make mobile check deposits into your BBVA Simple Account starting May 12. A screenshot of the BBVA mobile app is below.
Simple Bank going to BBVA USA - Dates you need to know

Simple Bank going to BBVA USA - Dates you need to know

May 8, 2021 - Official Date of change

  • You don't need to do anything regarding the change. It happens automatically.

BBVA Mobile app

Starting May 12, 2021, you can use the BBVA mobile app to make deposits.

BBVA Mobile App

BBVA Mobile App 

How do I close my Simple Bank Account?

If you decide your don't want to use BBVA USA, here is a video on 5 things to do before closing your Simple Bank Account, and steps to close your account.

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