Teams Channel Calendar now available - New Feature

Posted on:  01/19/2021
Teams Channel Calendar now available - New Feature

Channel Calendars are now available in Teams. With Channels having their calendar, it makes it easy for Teams members to see upcoming channel meetings all in one place quickly. Before the calendar, members had to look through the Post tab to find meetings. With the calendar, all channel meetings are listed in the calendar, and only those channel meetings. It is a nice filtered calendar. This awesome feature came out on January 8, 2021.


Screenshot of a Channel Calendar

YouTube Video on channel calendar

Add a channel calendar

  1. Click the channel in Teams
  2. Click the plus sign to add a tab
  3. Search for Channel Calendar and select it
  4. Type a name for the calendar - timestamp 1:04 in the video
  5. Rename if you want and leave Post to this channel checked. You now have a new tab at the top of the channel.

Send an invite to the channel calendar

  1. In the Channel calendar, click a time to schedule a meeting or click the Meet drop-down and select Schedule a Meeting - screenshot on the left. Timestamp 3:27 in the video
  2. The team and channel are automatically added. Type in the details and click Send in the top right corner.

Team Channel Invites - Invitations are not sent

When you send out a Teams channel invite invitation are not sent out in Outlook. So if you want someone from the Teams to be notificed about the meeting add them to the Required attendees field. This will send them an Outlook invite.

The channel invite does show in the Post tab for the channel, and if you added a channel calendar, it will show on the calendar. 

Points to remember

  • Channel members won’t receive a direct invite unless you add their names individually
  • Each time you schedule an event it will create a post in the channel with a summary of the event details
  • Only members who’ve turned on notifications for that channel will receive a notification that an event was created
  • To add a channel event to your personal calendar, open the event and select Add to calendar
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