Teams: Announcements and Post in multiple channels

Posted on:  02/24/2020
Teams: Announcements and Post in multiple channels

Microsoft Teams has two great features:

  1. Announcements
  2. Post in multiple channels

Below is an Announcement that was marked as Important, contains an image and a Heading over it, and has the announcement icon on the far right.

Announcements allow you to post either an image or a heading with a background color. You also get a subheading with Announcements, and you can mark as important. Announcements came out in June 2019.

With Post in multiple channels, you can now post a conversation or announcements to multiple channels at one time. Post in multiple channels came out in October 2019. Both of these features work in the desktop app of Teams and the web version of Teams.

To post an Announcement in Teams

  1. Select the channel for the announcement.
  2. Click Start a new conservation.
  3. Click Format.
  4. Change new conservation to Announcement.

Format your announcement

You have many options when working in Announcements. You can either type a headline or insert an image or both. You can add a subheading and even change the background color.

You can even decide who can reply to by clicking Everyone can reply. You can change this so only you and moderators can reply to an announcement.

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Post in multiple channels in Teams

Steps to post in multiple channels

  1. Click Post in multiple channels
  2. Click Select channels
  3. Check the channels you want to post in. You can post in channels in another Team.
  4. Click Update

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Posting to multiple channels

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