Teams chats: hide chats, delete messages and organize your chats

Posted on:  06/10/2021
Teams chats: hide chats, delete messages and organize your chats

Microsoft Teams chats are used daily. To help you manage your chats, I created this short video on hiding and unhiding chats, deleting messages, and pin and unpin chats. This will help you stay organized if you have a lot of chat history. 

Teams Chats - Hide Chat

Teams - Hide Chat

Hide a chat

  1. Select Chat in the navigation pane.
  2. Select More options - the three dots
  3. Select Hide.

Unhide a chat

Need to see a hidden chat again?

  1. Start a chat with the person again.
  2. Click More options - the three dots.
  3. Click Unhide or type something in the message box.
Teams Chat - unhide a chat message

Teams Chat - unhide a chat message

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Delete a Teams chat message

You can't delete the entire chat message, but you can delete a message you sent. 

To delete a sent chat message:

  1. Cick the message you sent.
  2. Click More options
  3. Click Delete
Delete a chat message in Teams

Teams delete a chat message

Teams delete chat message

Only you see the delete message

Pin a chat

You can pin frequent conversations to the top of your chat list.

  1. Select Chat
  2. Find the name of the conversation you want to pin.
  3. Click More options, then Pin.
  4. This ensures that the chat stays at the top of your list. If you change your mind, just select it again and unpin it. 
Pinned chats in Teams

Pinned chats stay at the top of your chat list

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