Invite guests to a Teams Meeting

Invite guests to a Teams Meeting

Inviting guests to a Microsoft Teams meeting is very easy. You can do it inside Teams. You can also do it in Outlook with the Teams Add-in. We are going to focus on inviting people outside your organiaztion inside the Teams app.

Steps to invite guests

  1. Click the Calendar on the left menu. if you don't see Calendar, click More added apps and then click Calendar.
  2. Click a date for the appointment and add time and other meeting information.
  3. To invite guests, add them to the field "Add required attendees". You also have an Optional guest field. Type in the outside guest email addresses. In my video example, I used a Gmail addresses, but any outside email works.
  4. Click Send to send the meeting request.

YouTube video of inviting a guest to a meeting in Teams

How do guests join a Teams Meeting?

After receiving an emial, the guest can either join the meeting from their calendar, if they said yes they were attending, or click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting from the email.

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