Outlook - make Teams Meeting the default and Meet Now Feature

Posted on:  02/13/2021
Outlook - make Teams Meeting the default and Meet Now Feature

The Outlook desktop client now allows all meetings to be Teams meetings by default. No longer do you have to remember to click the Teams Meeting add-in icon in the ribbon. Another new feature in Outlook is you can now have a Meet Now meeting in Teams.

YouTube Video on Meet Now and default Teams Meeting in Outlook

Meet Now in Outlook for Teams

Meet Now will start an instant Teams Meeting

Try It!

  1. Open the Outlook Calendar
  2. Click Meet Now on the Home tab.
  3. Teams Meeting will launch in the new pre-join meeting experience.
New Teams Pre-Join Feature

Teams Meeting Default Meeting in Outlook

You can now schedule a meeting in Outlook and make Teams Meeting the default meeting.

Outlook Setting

Try It!

  1. When you get this feature in Teams, you may need to enable it.
  2. To enable it, open Outlook, click File - Options - Calendar Options.
  3. Make sure Add online meeting to all meetings is checked.

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Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook

Try it!

  1. Open the Outlook Calendar
  2. Schedule a New Meeting Request
  3. If the new default setting is working, the Teams Meeting will populate in the email body.

To not use Teams Meeting in the Outlook invite

If you don't want to have a Team Meeting, you can remove the Teams Meeting invite from the Outlook invite.

  1. Click Setting and select Don't Host Online.

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