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Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Chris Menard provides Microsoft PowerPoint training in metro Atlanta. In addition, his classes are on-site at your location and instructor-led classes. PowerPoint has two levels. The table of contents from both levels are listed below.  Feel free to view some of our free YouTube training videos.

Table of Contents for Microsoft PowerPoint classes

Click one of the two tabs below. Note there are only two levels for PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Basic – Level 1

Unit 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: The PowerPoint interface
  • Topic B: Creating a new presentation

Unit 2: Creating presentations

  • Topic A: Creating a basic presentation
  • Topic B: Working with slides

Unit 3: Editing slide content

  • Topic A: Formatting text and lists
  • Topic B: Editing efficiently

Unit 4: Working with shapes

  • Topic A: Creating shapes
  • Topic B: Formatting shapes
  • Topic C: Applying content to shapes

Unit 5: Graphics

  • Topic A: WordArt
  • Topic B: Pictures

Unit 6: Tables and charts

  • Topic A: Tables
  • Topic B: Charts
  • Topic C: SmartArt

Unit 7: Preparing and printing presentations

  • Topic A: Proofing presentations
  • Topic B: Preparing a presentation
  • Topic C: Printing presentations


Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced – Level 2

Unit 1: Slide masters and transitions

  • Topic A: Slide masters
  • Topic B: Transitions and timings
  • Topic C: Custom slide shows

Unit 2: Graphics and media

  • Topic A: Modifying graphics
  • Topic B: Media clips
  • Topic C: Animations
  • Topic D: Photo albums

Unit 3: Customizing slide elements

  • Topic A: Working with SmartArt graphics
  • Topic B: Customizing tables
  • Topic C: Working with charts

Unit 4: Action buttons and equations

  • Topic A: Action buttons
  • Topic B: Equations

Unit 5: Integrating Microsoft Office files

  • Topic A: Applying content from a Word outline
  • Topic B: Embedding and linking content

Unit 6: Finalizing and distributing presentations

  • Topic A: Reviewing and finishing
  • Topic B: Distributing presentations

Unit 7: Customizing PowerPoint

  • Topic A: Application settings


Popular Word Videos by Chris Menard

The video above is one of Chris Menard’s most popular videos. Moreover, it shows one of the most requested features which is how to insert a Word document into PowerPoint. Using this method will automatically generate your slides compared to copy and paste. Heading 1 Style becomes a new slide, Heading 2 Styles become a 1st level bullet. If you are using a MAC, you have to save your Word document as Rich Text Format (RTF).


PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

To add a new slide, CTRL + M.  To start your slide show from the beginning F5. To start your slide show from your current slide SHIFT + F5. Insert a hyperlink is CTRL + K.

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