Excel Tables - free online course

Here is my free online course on Ten Reasons to use Tables in Excel.

Insights in Excel - Webinar with Chris Menard

March 15, 2018 – Recording on YouTube of the live webinar hosted on Microsoft Excel’s Insights. Insights in Excel is a game changer for data analysis. Another webinar on Insights will be held in April 2018.


Zoo Atlanta Sway by Chris Menard

Zoo Atlanta is a great place to visit. I created a Sway from my trip in March 2018.

Take data from Wikipedia and other websites into Microsoft Excel

If you see data in Wikipedia and you need to pull it into Microsoft Excel, don’t copy and paste. Use Get Data feature in Excel to query the data from the website.

Administrative Day Conference

April 20, 2018 –  The University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Join Chris Menard for Excel and Word Tips to Make Your Life Easier!

Online Excel Training

Learn Excel with Chris Menard on your schedule! Excel Intermediate Training at your own pace.

Chris Menard’s Website

Welcome to my website. I’m a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and have been training in MS Office since 1997. In the past, I have trained the following clients:

  • Gwinnett Medical Center
  • Coca-Cola in Atlanta
  • Mizuno USA
  • The University of Georgia
  • The Georgia Society of CPAs
  • Clayton County Water Authority
  • Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta
  • Ronald Blue Trust – CPAs
  •  Sparkmon & Associates – CPAs

I currently do public speaking engagements, but not training since I’m happily employed full-time in Atlanta, GA. My public speaking client list includes The Georgia Society of CPAs for over 10 years, the Continuing Education Center for the University of Georgia since 2009, the Executive MBA students at the University of Georgia since 2010, and many others. In my spare time, when I’m not keeping up to date with the latest MS Office 365 features, I provide free support and create video tutorials on software topics and issues. My YouTube channel is approaching 500 training videos. Thank you for visiting my website.

Several recent support articles from June 2018 can be found here:

Chris Menard – Microsoft Office Master Instructor

Microsoft Instructor Chris MenardMicrosoft’s training website, the Atlanta Journal twice, Yahoo business news, and Certiport’s website.

Online Excel Training with Chris Menard

Online Excel Training – Chris Menard’s Excel Intermediate class is now available online. Company and group discounts are available. After publishing over 300 YouTube videos, and hearing from multiple instructor-led clients that he needs to make his courses available online, Chris finally did it. Excel is currently available online. By the end of August, all his courses – Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook – will be online. Menard still provides instructor-led training to clients in metro Atlanta. All the online courses have student files so you can follow along. All the videos also have closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Menard still provides instructor-led training to clients in metro Atlanta and the Southeast. All the online courses have student files so you can follow along. All the videos also have closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Online Excel Training with Chris Menard

Microsoft Excel – Learn how to use Tables in Excel

Excel Training for CPAs in AtlantaJanuary 9, 2018 – Start off 2018 by learning how to use Excel Tables. Chris Menard wrote an article for the Georgia Society of CPAs on six reasons to use Tables in Excel. The technology article is part of the GSCPA’s magazine. The magazine will be out the first or second week in January. It goes out to 11,000 members of the GSCPA, but Chris is creating a free training course, along with sample files, on using tables in Excel. The course is now available to CPAs and the public.

The article was written on six reasons to use Tables in Excel. Th word limit was 900 works. The online training course, which is located at https://chrismenardtraining.teachable.com/p/excel-tables covers ten reasons to use Tables in Excel.

Microsoft Word – 50+ YouTube Videos by Chris Menard

Covered in this playlist are over 50 Word training videos.  Creating an index, using styles in Word, generating at Table of Contents, working with mail merge, headers and footers, spell check, using AutoComplete, working with page margins and orientation.

Also covered is selecting words, paragraphs, and the document with the mouse and keyboard. Formatting with the font group. Paragraph alignment for left, center, right and justified.

In addition, will be tables and tab stops and the format painter. Click here for the Microsoft Word Playlist

Word Videos below

Videos below show the format painter, find & replace in Word, and autocorrect.

Latest Blog Post

Excel – Get and Transform using the Power Query Editor

Excel – Get and Transform Data

Excel – Get and Transform Data

Many Excel files are not set up properly. Data that should be in a flat file is laid out in a crosstab file format, or in this example, the data is missing information and has totals manually applied. The issue with data being set up incorrectly is the...

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Recent Blog Post

Microsoft Word – Mail Merge with If…Then…Else statement

Microsoft Word – Mail Merge with If…Then…Else statement

Microsoft Word has rules for Mail Merge. One of the rules we will look at today is the If...Then...Else statement. It is actually really simple to use. If one condition is met, do one thing, if the condition is not met, do something else. It is similar to...

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Sunburst Chart in Excel

The sunburst chart or multi-level pie chart is ideal for displaying hierarchical data. Each level of the hierarchy is represented by one ring or circle with the innermost circle as the top of the hierarchy. A sunburst chart...

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Group Numbers in Excel and IFS and FormulaText functions

Two new Excel 2016 Functions IFS - The IFS function checks whether one or more conditions are met and returns a value that corresponds to the first TRUE condition. IFS can take the place of multiple nested IF statements and is much easier...

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Excel: PivotTable with the median function

PivotTables do not allow median function. We will create a helper column and use an array function to calculate the median in a PivotTable. Also shown are average, median, averageif, if statement with the median function. The median...

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Microsoft Office Applications

I teach Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I’ve spotlighted three of the MS Office applications below. Click any of the icons below for Excel, Word, or PowerPoint to see the table of contents for those classes.

Excel Training

On-site Microsoft Excel training in Atlanta. There are three levels of Excel – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. It’s not a problem if you want to customize your class.

Word Training

Bring out your best writing with Microsoft Word training from Chris Menard. After training, you will be able to create a table of contents, work with Styles, use advanced page formatting, build an index, create odd and even headers and footers, use SmartArt, and many other advanced features.

PowerPoint Training

Start using PowerPoint correctly. Find high-quality images for your slides, insert video and audio into your presentation. Create presentations that captivate your audience and more importantly relate what you are trying to share.

Chris Menard's YouTube videos

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Word Videos

Other Technology Videos

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