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Does your company need Microsoft Outlook training? You are in the right place.

Microsoft Outlook Training

Chris provide Microsoft Outlook training in metro Atlanta. All classes are instructed-led and on-site at your location. We have two levels of Microsoft Outlook. The table of contents from all levels is listed below. We can customize the Outlook class for you also.

Chris Menard is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and was featured on Microsoft training website for two years. In addition to Microsoft Outlook training, Menard has over 100 technology training videos on YouTube and write technology blog articles. In 2009, Chris created Excel videos that were used by the Coca-Cola company in over 150 countries.

Table of Contents for Microsoft Outlook classes

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Microsoft Outlook Basic – Level 1

Unit 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: The program window
  • Topic B: Outlook Today

Unit 2: Email basics

  • Topic A: Reading messages
  • Topic B: Creating and sending messages
  • Topic C: Working with messages
  • Topic D: Handling attachments
  • Topic E : Printing messages and attachments

Unit 3: Email management

  • Topic A: Setting message options
  • Topic B: Organizing the Inbox folder
  • Topic C : Managing junk email

Unit 4: Contacts

  • Topic A: Working with contacts
  • Topic B: Address books
  • Topic C: Using contact groups

Unit 5 : Tasks

  • Topic A: Working with tasks
  • Topic B: Managing tasks

Unit 6: Appointments and events

  • Topic A: Creating and sending appointments
  • Topic B: Modifying appointments
  • Topic C: Working with events
  • Topic D: Using Calendar Views

Unit 7: Meeting requests and responses

  • Topic A: Scheduling meetings
  • Topic B: Managing meetings


Microsoft Outlook Advanced – Level 3

Unit 1: Customizing Outlook

  • Topic A: The Outlook environment
  • Topic B:General options and account settings
  • Topic C: Quick Steps
  • Topic D: The Folder pane and Navigation bar

Unit 2: Customizing messages

  • Topic A: Message appearance
  • Topic B: Signatures
  • Topic C: Voting buttons
  • Topic D: Out-of-office messages

Unit 3: Mailbox organization and management

  • Topic A: Setting rules
  • Topic B: Managing your mailbox

Unit 4: Organizing items

  • Topic A: Folders
  • Topic B: Searching
  • Topic C: Advanced filtering
  • Topic D: Categories

Unit 5: Notes and Journals

  • Topic A: Recording information with notes
  • Topic B: Tracking activities with the Journal

Unit 6: Collaboration

  • Topic A: Sharing your calendar and contacts
  • Topic B: Staying informed with RSS


Popular Email Videos by Chris Menard

Video above demonstrates how to create a contact group, formerly known as a distribution list, in Microsoft Outlook.

The video above demonstrates import contacts from MS Excel into Outlook.

Need to use Mentions in Outlook 2016? Here is how to do it.

The video above shows how to do a mail merge with Gmail where different recipients get different attachments. Outlook will do a mail merge but you have to send the same attachment to all recipients.

The video above shows how to import calendar events into your Google Calendar from Excel.

Chris Menard Email tip

If you send an email to multiple recipients, and want to make sure no one does a Reply-To-All, put all your recipients on the BCC line.

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