Zoom - Notification for Shared Content

Posted on:  03/05/2021
Zoom - Notification for Shared Content

Zoom has a new feature when you share your screen, you get notified over your shared content that 1) you are sharing and 2) participants can see your content. I've been in meetings when someone that is sharing is talking about cell B5 in Excel and no one can see their shared screen. This has even happened to me. Now Zoom will inform you when users can see your shared screen.

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  • 0:30 Application notification
  • 0:55 Desktop notification
  • 1:35 Share video

Zoom update 5.5.4 - 5/2/2021

This new feature is part of Zoom 5.4.4 which was scheduled to be released on 5/1/2021 but actually came out on 5/2/2021. Zoom calls this new feature "Clearer designation of shared content". 

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