Microsoft Word's incredible Follow-up feature!

Posted on:  02/10/2021
Microsoft Word's incredible Follow-up feature!

Have you ever been in a Word document and need to mark some sections for Follow-up? For example, a bulleted or numbered list where you need to come back and add some bullet points. Maybe you don't like the wording of a paragraph and want to follow-up on it later.
Microsoft Word for the Web now has you covered with this new, excellent follow-up feature. You can not only Mark items to follow up for yourself, but you can also use Word's at mentions for other people to follow-up. At Mentions are handy when you are sharing a Word document. Follow-ups show up in a yellow highlight.


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Add a Follow-up

Try it!

  1. Right-click where you want to add a Follow-up
  2. Click Follow-up
  3. Type in your message for the Follow-up
  4. Press Tab on the keyboard.

The Follow-up will appear with a yellow highlight.


View all Follow-ups

Try it!

  1. Select View tab
  2. Click Navigation
  3. Click Follow-ups.
  4. Click a Follow-up to jump to that Follow-up


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Resolve a Follow-up

Try it

Left-click a Follow-up and you have three options

  1. Remove text
  2. Keep text
  3. See all Follow-ups which opens the Navigation pane


At Mentions in Word

To add an @mention in Word type the @symbol and the person's name. They will get notified and if the document is not shared, it will be shared with them.

Note: This works with SharePoint Online.

Microsoft support site

Word support article on Follow-ups

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