Create canned responses in Microsoft Outlook by using Quick Parts

Posted on:  03/16/2017
Create canned responses in Microsoft Outlook by using Quick Parts

Do find yourself typing the same message over and over, perhaps a weekly reminder for projects, progress reports, or your availability? Outlook Quick Parts can help you with your Canned Responses.

Set up a canned response in Outlook

  1. Start a new mail message in Outlook.
  2. Click in the body of the message. No one is needed on the TO line or Subject line.
  3. Type in your message for a canned response. An example, you want to reply to certain co-workers that you will get back with them next week on Tuesday. You don’t want to use a rule since that will go out to everyone.
  4. Select what you typed in the body of the message.
  5. Click on the Insert tab and click Quick Parts.
  6. Click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery and give it a name. An example is canned response 1 or Tuesday.
  7. Close the message and don’t save it.
  8. Open a message you need to Reply.
  9. Click in the body and select Insert | Quick Parts | and select the canned response.
  10. Send the message.

YouTube Video of Canned Response

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