Chris Menard's Training Roundup | Issue #1

Posted on:  07/14/2020
Chris Menard's Training Roundup | Issue #1
  1. Microsoft just added the Zip Code Data Type in Excel. Unlike the Geography Data Type, which only shows data for countries, states and cities, the Zip Code Data Type returns things like household income, latitude, longitude, population by marital status, water and land areas and much more. Watch the video.
  2. You can now pull stock history directly into Excel with the Stock History Function. You can view historical data of stocks and other financial instruments. Watch the video.
  3. Using the SORT function in Excel for the Web. Watch video.
  4. You can now add polls directly in an email with Outlook. It works in conjunction with Microsoft Forms (but you don't need Forms to use this feature). Read the blog post about this feature.
  5. Microsoft Teams introduced Live Captions in Teams Meetings. This is pretty cool, almost real-time and quite accurate. Even adds punctuation. English only for now. Watch the video.
  6. Over on my Zoom Resource Center, I'm offering 28 free virtual background videos for you to download and use in your meetings. They're all seamless and relaxing. Check out my video introducing these. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds not working? Check here and here for possible reasons.
Chris Menard

Chris Menard is a Senior Training Specialist at SurePoint Technologies. Chris is certified in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Menard has a YouTube channel with other 600 technology videos covering Excel, Word, Zoom, Teams, Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, and other resources that over 7 million viewers have very appreciated. Because of Chris's certification and expertise with Microsoft, Chris is a proud member of Microsoft's Creator Team. Being a member of Microsoft's Creator Teams means many of his videos are available on Microsoft 365 YouTube channel and Microsoft support websites.