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My name is Chris Menard and I provide professional training on Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom and a variety of other topics on my website and YouTube channel. You may know me also from some of my live training in and around Atlanta, GA.

I'm part of the Microsoft Office Insider program and I get advance notice and early opportunity to test new features that Microsoft introduces to Office. I then share this information with you, pointing out new and exciting features coming to the Office suite, demonstrating and explaining them.

These applications are so full of features, settings, tricks and hidden options that it may feel overwhelming to even try and figure it all out.

Over the years, my students and colleagues have told me how they felt left behind, like they couldn't keep up with these necessary apps for their day to day work. There was always a newer feature being introduced, a better way to achieve something, but by the time the training cycle was completed, they felt like they were still not catching up.

This is the main reason for starting this 'round up' series, and not just for the Microsoft Office suite! I also love teaching about Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other business software.

In my future emails, blog posts, training videos I hope to lighten some of that load, by pointing out the essential functionality, in a manner simple to understand and apply, with practical examples and on-screen demonstration.

I'll try to bring you recent and relevant updates from the world of business software. I hope you'll join me. All of this is free!

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