Use the COUNTIF function in Microsoft Excel

Posted on:  12/28/2016
Use the COUNTIF function in Microsoft Excel

The Countif function in Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular functions in Excel you can easily master. I use Countif to figure out how many employees are in a certain state or how many customers placed an order for $100 or over. You can even use wildcards in the Countif function.

I would place the Countif function in the top 10 Excel functions to know. The countif function has two arguments. The range and the criteria. =Countif(B2:B50,”Atlanta”) would look in the range B2 through B50 for the word Atlanta. The criteria, if text, must be placed in quotation marks. The criteria is not case sensitive. So if you are trying to find out how many people are in Atlanta, you can put in Atlanta as aTLaNta, or ATLANTA, or AtlANta, etc…

COUNTIF Excel file

Click to download the Excel file used in the video below. Countif functions are already created.

YouTube video on Countif by Chris Menard

Helpful links on Countif Function

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