Zoom Free Virtual Video Backgrounds - behind the scenes video

Zoom Free Virtual Video Backgrounds - behind the scenes video

Zoom Virtual Video Background is a great feature. One of the issues with the video backgrounds is Zoom only gives you two video backgrounds. You can add video backgrounds, but they have to be the correct size. We have developed over 20 video virtual backgrounds you can use in Zoom. The video backgrounds will be available on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at 11 am ET. We will post another announcement when they are released.

Video footage

The virtual background video footage was filmed by Cristian Cotovan. Cristian filmed most of the videos in England and France. Many of the videos are nature videos. The videos were created using for Zoom virtual background using Adobe Premiere.

25 free virtual video backgrounds for Zoom

Here is the Zoom Resource Center webpage we created to view and downoad the 25 free virtual video backgrounds that can be used in Zoom. The page also contrains blog post on Zoom and the extremely popular Top 10 keyboard shortcuts for Zoom.


Other Zoom videos by Chris Menard

Chris Menard

Chris is a Microsoft Office Master. He trains corporate clients in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. Menard is a speaker for the Georgia Society of CPAs and a senior lecturer at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Menard's YouTube channel has over 600 technology videos. Chris works full-time as a Training Specialist for a global law firm. His office is in midtown, Atlanta.