Teams Online Couse - New material added

Posted on:  07/31/2022
Teams Online Couse - New material added

Our popular Teams Online Training Course has been updated with 12 new lectures. 

  1. Always name Meeting
  2. Check audio device
  3. How do I Delete Chat Files?
  4. Organzing teams and channels
  5. Pin for me and hide by video
  6. Save Chats and Conversations - 5 tips
  7. Time Zone - hours ahead or behind
  8. 5 Recorded Meetings Tips
  9. LinkedIn Tab in Chat
  10. Chat with yourself
  11. Chats - Two new Features
  12. Group chat vs Team

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Recent Excel articles

Always Name Meetings in Teams

Microsoft Teams - ALWAYS name your meetings. I'll review the two meeting types in Teams, how to record your meetings, and why you should always name your Meet Now meetings. Your Meet Now meetings do not show on the calendar. They show in Chat. You can filter your chat and only see meetings. You can search for meetings. If your meetings are all named the same name, that doesn't do your any good. Always name your Meet Now meetings so you can find what you are looking for. 


Teams - always name your meetings

Teams - always name your meetings

Organizing Teams and Channels in Teams

Microsoft Teams and Channels is where the real work happens in Teams. Channels are sections within a Team. Teams can be departments, practice groups, or projects. Every Team has a General Channel. You can add more channels to a Team. It can be overwhelming when you don't understand how to organize your Teams and Channels. I'll look at rearranging Teams, hiding Teams, hiding Channels, pinning Channels, and discuss my tips for Teams and Channels.

Organize Teams and Channels

Organize Teams and Channels

Time Zones in Teams

Time Zones are now displayed in Teams. You can see if a coworker is hours ahead of you or behind you by moving your mouse over their Profile card.

LinkedIn Tab in Chat


When in a Teams chat, you can view a coworker's LinkedIn account. This is a new feature in Teams rolled out in 2022. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016. When chatting, LinkedIn is a  new tab at the top with Chat, Files, Organization, and Activities.

LinkedIn tab in Teams Chat

LinkedIn tab in Teams Chat

LinkedIn in Microsoft Teams

LinkedIn in Microsoft Teams

5 Recorded Meetings Tips

Recorded Meetings in Teams are stored in OneDrive for Work or School. The one exception is Channel Meetings are stored in SharePoint. The recordings expire! Which could be really bad if you are relying on the recording. In this video, I'll cover five tips for Teams recordings. 

Chris Menard

Chris Menard is a certified Microsoft Trainer (MCT) and works as a full-time Trainer at BakerHostetler - one of the largest law firms in the US. He runs a YouTube channel with 900+ technology videos that cover various tools such as Excel, Word, Zoom, Teams, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook. To date, the channel has helped over 20 million viewers. Menard also does 2 to 3 public speaking events every year, presenting at the Administrative Professional Conference (APC), the EA Ignite Conference, the Support Staff Conference, the University of Georgia, and CPA conferences. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at or watch his videos on YouTube at