Zoom Meeting - Ten keyboard shortcuts for host and participants

Zoom Meeting - Ten keyboard shortcuts for host and participants

The number of remote workers is rapidly growing. Some companies are 100% remote, and many other companies allow their staff to work several days a week remotely. There are many advantages of working remotely and using video conference or online meetings.

Just a few examples of the advantages of video conference:

  • Video meeting with a doctor or nurse if you are sick.
  • Employers use video conference for interviews. Video interviews are a growing trend.
  • Students can take online classes.
  • Employees can work remotely.
  • Employees can share and collaborate of project with co-workers in other states or countries.
  • Travel cost are greatly reduced.

One of my favorite video hosting platforms is Zoom. I used it for meetings and webinars since 2018. knowing tips and tricks in Zoom can save you countless hours and frustration. I've put together my top ten (10) keyboard shortcuts for working in a Zoom meeting.

Keyboard shortcuts for Zoom

  1. Mute/Unmute audio
  2. Start/Stop video
  3. Share screen
  4. Mute/Unmute all audio for everyone
  5. Turn on the chat panel
  6. Display the participant panel
  7. Open the invite window
  8. Raise/lower hand
  9. Start/stop cloud recording
  10. Start/stop local recording

Zoom keyboard shortcuts

Zoom-Keyboard-Shortcuts-Chris-Menard (Size: 1.3MB)

Download this free cheatsheet with the top 10 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts.

YouTube video on keyboard shortcuts for Zoom meetings

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