How to easily send large files for free | Free File Transfer Tool

Posted on:  08/15/2020
How to easily send large files for free | Free File Transfer Tool
If you try to transfer large files to someone and attempt to send the files by email, you may hit the 25 MB attachment limit that most email services have. If you need to send someone one or more large files, you could upload them to the various cloud storage services out there, but that may be too involved, too many steps and sign-ups, etc.
Sending the files through the service I demonstrate in this video is effortless, fast and has great features.

Feature list of WeTransfer

  • It's FREE to use, unlimited number of times
  • You can send up to 2GB in one transfer (one or multiple files)
  • You get email confirmations of files sent
  • You have security with a code so that others can't send files on your behalf
  • You get a confirmation email when the recipient downloaded the file
  • The files expire after 7 days

FAQs about WeTransfer

  1. Do you have to have an account to use WeTransfer? No.
  2. Does it work on mobile devices? Yes, both iOS and Android or you can use their website.
  3. Why are two emails required? You need to put in your email to get a verification code before you can upload your files. This is a security feature.
  4. Can you upload multiple files? Yes. In the video below, I only uploaded a large movie file, but you can transfer multiple files at one time. You just can't go over 2GB.
  5. I want to transfer a video I'm going to record with my camera. Do I have to record it before using the service? No, there is a great feature where you can record the movie with your camera during the transfer process. This is shown in the video at the 2:58 mark.

YouTube Video on WeTransfer

About WeTransfer

From the WeTransfer Website: "WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. Today We we’re a set of beautifully obvious tools to keep your ideas moving."

WeTransfer website

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