Webinar of Insights in Excel – Recording of live webinar

Webinar of Insights in Excel – Recording of live webinar
  • Webinar Date: 3/15/2018
  • Host: Chris Menard – Microsoft Trainer in Atlanta, GA

Prep until 3:31 – Live Webinar on Insights in Excel from March 15, 2018. Insights in Excel came out in December 2017 and is slowing rolling out to Office 365 subscribers. I received it in March 2018.

TimeStamps of the video

  • 03:21 Webinar Starts
  • 04:06 Insert / Insights / Task Pane
  • 05:29 Blue line chart becomes PivotChart on a new worksheet! Really cool.
  • 07:34 Bug in Insights. The chart does not update if you add records.
  • 09:39 – Insights test on a lot of data with only 4 columns. It didn’t pick up the months.
  • 10:20 Two PivotCharts created with Insights.
  • 11:45 Added two functions, Year and Month, to data since Insights isn’t picking up months.

Insights uses your data and immediately shows you Charts and PivotCharts you can use. To use a Chart / PivotChart, simply click on Insert. An Internet connection is required for Insights to work.

Per Microsoft’s blog – Insights in Excel

Dec 2017 – Insights is a new service that automatically highlights patterns it detects, which makes it easier for everyone to explore and analyze their data. Powered by machine learning, Insights helps identify trends, outliers, and other useful visualizations, providing new and useful perspectives on data.


I’ll be doing another live Webinar in April 2018 on Insights again. I’ll add some new material to that webinar. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Chris Menard

Chris is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor. He trains corporate clients in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. Menard is a speaker for the Georgia Society of CPAs and the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Menard's YouTube channel has over 400 technology videos.