PowerPoint: 3D models - New Feature for Office 365 Subscribers

Posted on:  10/15/2018
PowerPoint: 3D models - New Feature for Office 365 Subscribers

Inserting a 3D Model on a slide from Online Sources

  1. Click the Insert tab, click 3D Models in the Illustration group, and click From Online Sources.
  2. After the 3D models load, select All Animated Models or any of the groups with a Runner icon showing.
  3. Select one or more and click Insert.

To change or run the Scene of a 3D Model

  1. Select the 3D Model
  2. Click Format on the 3D Model Tab
  3. In the Play 3D group, select Pause or Play to run the animation. Click Scenes to change the scene.​

YouTube Video on 3D Models in PowerPoint

Microsoft Support Article for 3D Animation


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