Pop-out Chat in Microsoft Teams

Posted on:  06/02/2020
Pop-out Chat in Microsoft Teams

Teams now allow you to instantly pop-out your one-on-one or group chat into a separate window. After popping out the chat, you can drag it, place it on another monitor, resize, or close the window as you wish. Pop-out chats are a great way to get a lot done when you’re in a meeting or in a call. I demonstrate in this short video how to have a meeting in Teams and then pop-out two chats.

Pop-out a chat

  1. Double-click the chat name and you’ll see a new pop out chat window.
  2. In the top right corner of the chat click Pop-out chat.
  3. Hover over the chat and click Pop out chat.
    Pop-out chat

YouTube video on pop-out chats

Microsoft Support article:


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