Merge and Center

Posted on:  10/14/2018
Merge and Center

It is tempting to use merge and center in Excel. It stands out when you open Excel. Avoid merge and center. Three reasons why merge and center is evil:

  1. Data with Merge and Center can't be sorted.
  2. Remove Duplicates, another great Excel feature, doesn't work with merge and center.
  3. Selecting a column with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Space doesn't work.

To unmerge all cells at one time

  1. Select All the cells on the worksheet.
  2. Click the Merge & Center down arrow.
  3. Select Unmerge Cells.

YouTube Video - Merge & Center is evil!

Keyboard shortcuts used in the video

  • CTRL + Space to select a column.
  • SHIFT + Space to select a row.
Chris Menard

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