Getting Started With PivotTables - Live on 2-22-2023

Posted on:  01/11/2023
Getting Started With PivotTables - Live on 2-22-2023

PivotTables are one of Excel's most powerful features. PivotTables quickly analyze and summarize complex data. In this LIVE session with Chris Menard, you will learn how to create a PivotTable, use PivotTable fields, work with subtotals and grand totals, and create PivotCharts.
We will create over 6 PivotTables in this Getting Started with PivotTables session.

We will work with text, numbers, and date data types in our PivotTables.

Popular PivotTable videos

Excel has a great feature that allows you to create multiple PivotTables from one PivotTable. It is called "Show Report Filter Pages."
To use this feature, you must use the Filter area in a PivotTable. The field you want to drag to the Filter area of the PivotTable is the field you wish to create many PivotTables.

As an example, if you want each Sales Rep to have their own PivotTable report, and you have a field called Sales Rep, you would drag the Sales Rep to the filter area. You need two other fields. Most likely, one is in the row area, and the other field, usually numeric, is in the values areas. Here is a screenshot of how it would look. 

Show Report Filter Pages Video

In Excel, you can do Period-over-Period (POP) analysis and Year-over-Year (YOY) analysis. Year-over-Year analysis will compare the selected period to the same period last year. For example, comparing August of the current year to August of the previous year. YOY can be weeks, months, quarters, or years. Period-over-Period will compare the selected period to the preceding period. For example, August of the current year to July of the current year. 

Excel Year-Over-Year and Period-Over-Period Analysis with PivotTables

We frequently group by dates: Invoice date, purchase order date, hire date, and many other date fields. Excel does a great job of grouping by dates in a PivotTable. You can group by year, quarter, month, and day. Excel has a group called "Group." To activate the group, click on a date, and select either group or ungroup.

PivotTables - group dates and create a Running Total

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