Use the Command Box to master Microsoft Teams

Posted on:  12/18/2019
Use the Command Box to master Microsoft Teams

The Command Box in MS Teams allows you to perform commonly used tasks in Teams. You can quickly start a chat or jump to a channel in a Team. You can change your status from available to do not disturb (DND), away, or be right back (BRB). Looking for a recent file? Use the command /files. What to get to a channel or team? Use the /goto command.

After typing a forward slash, the command, press Enter to use the command.

Available Commands

Command What it does
/activity See someone's activity
/available Set your status to available
/away Set your status to away
/busy Set your status to busy.
/call Call a phone number or Teams contact.
/dnd Set your status to do not disturb.
/files See your recent files.
/goto Go right to a team or channel.
/help Get help with Teams
/keys See keyboard shortcuts.
/mentions See all your @mentions.
/org See someone's org chart.
/saved See your saved messages.
/testcall Check your call quality.
/unread See all your unread activity.
/whatsnew See what's new in  Teams.
/who Ask Who a question about someone.
/wiki Add a quick note.

Quickly see available commands

After clicking in the Command box or using CTRL + E, type a forward slash / to see the commands available.

Keyboard Shortcut for the Command Box

The keyboard shortcut to get to the command box is CTRL + E.

YouTube Video on using the Command Box in Teams