Use the Command Box to master Microsoft Teams

Use the Command Box to master Microsoft Teams

The Command Box in MS Teams allows you to perform commonly used tasks in Teams. You can quickly start a chat or jump to a channel in a Team. You can change your status from available to do not disturb (DND), away, or be right back (BRB). Looking for a recent file? Use the command /files. What to get to a channel or team? Use the /goto command.

After typing a forward slash, the command, press Enter to use the command.

Available Commands

Command What it does
/activity See someone's activity
/available Set your status to available
/away Set your status to away
/busy Set your status to busy.
/call Call a phone number or Teams contact.
/dnd Set your status to do not disturb.
/files See your recent files.
/goto Go right to a team or channel.
/help Get help with Teams
/keys See keyboard shortcuts.
/mentions See all your @mentions.
/org See someone's org chart.
/saved See your saved messages.
/testcall Check your call quality.
/unread See all your unread activity.
/whatsnew See what's new in  Teams.
/who Ask Who a question about someone.
/wiki Add a quick note.

Quickly see available commands

After clicking in the Command box or using CTRL + E, type a forward slash / to see the commands available.

Keyboard Shortcut for the Command Box

The keyboard shortcut to get to the command box is CTRL + E.

YouTube Video on using the Command Box in Teams