Word Intermediate Training

Learn how to use odd and even headers and footers, format graphics, work with styles, use watermarks, work with section and column breaks.

Microsoft Word Intermediate Training

Chris Menard provides Microsoft Word training in metro Atlanta. Our classes are on-site at your location and instructor-led classes. We have three levels of Word. This page covers our Microsoft Word Basic training class.  Feel free to view some of our  Word videos created by Microsoft Office Master Instructor Chris Menard.

Please feel free to visit Chris Menard’s YouTube Word training videos. Videos include:Chris Menard - YouTube for Word

  • Inserting MS Word into PowerPoint
  • Odd and Even headers/footers
  • Inserting the filename and path in a document
  • Section breaks continuous

Table of Contents for Microsoft Word Intermediate

Unit 1: Styles and outlines

  • Topic A: Examining formatting
  • Topic B: Working with styles
  • Topic C: Working with outlines

Unit 2: Table formatting

  • Topic A: Table design options
  • Topic B: Table data

Unit 3: Illustrations

  • Topic A: Creating diagrams
  • Topic B: Working with shapes
  • Topic C: Formatting text graphically

Unit 4: Advanced document formatting

  • Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
  • Topic B: Working with columns
  • Topic C: Document design

Unit 5: Document sharing

  • Topic A: Document properties
  • Topic B: Tracking changes
  • Topic C: Finalizing documents

Unit 6: Mail Merge

  • Topic A: Form letters
  • Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
  • Topic C: Mailing labels and envelopes


Popular Word Basic Videos by Chris Menard

Video above is one of Menard’s most popular videos. It shows how to print a Word document with odd and even headers and footers for duplex printing.


Word Keyboard Shortcuts

To select a paragraph, triple click a word. To select the document use CTRL + A. To clear formatting, CTRL + Spacebar. Insert a hyperlink is CTRL + K. To insert the filename and path in the footer, click here.

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