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Microsoft Word Training – Atlanta

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing application in the world. I offer three (3) levels of Microsoft Word training. Each class has its own Microsoft approved courseware. All Word classes are instructed-led and on-site at your location.

A description of each Word class is listed below and the table of contents from all levels can be found by clicking on the course level.
In addition to Microsoft Word training, I have over 45 Word training videos on YouTube. The videos came from questions asked during training.

Please feel free to visit my YouTube Word training website. Videos include:Chris Menard - YouTube for Word

  • Working with Styles in Word.
  • Mail Merge – Envelopes, Letter, and Labels.
  • Odd and Even headers/footers.
  • Inserting the filename and path in a document.
  • Creating a Table of Contents in MS Word.
  • Section breaks continuous in MS Word.

Word level 1 – Basic

In this beginning course, you will learn the basic skills and concepts need to use Microsoft Word 2013 / 2016 productively and efficiently. After an introduction to Word’s window components, you will learn how to create and save documents and how to navigate documents.

Then they will edit, copy and paste, and find and replace text. They will also learn how to enhance the appearance of a document by using various formatting options. In addition, they will create tables, adjust page layout, work with graphics, use styles and outlines, and proof and print documents. This course focuses solely on the skills real users need to be productive immediately in Microsoft Word.

Table of Contents from Word Basic

Word level 2 – Intermediate

In this level 2 course, you will learn the skills and concepts taught in Word 2013 / 2016 basic. You will work with styles, sections, and columns and will use the Navigation pane to work with outlines. You will format tables, print labels and envelopes, and work with graphics.

Finally, you will use document templates, manage document revisions, and work with Web features.

Table of Contents from Word Intermediate

Word level 3 – Advanced

This course covers advanced skills and concepts you need to use Microsoft Word 2013 / 2016 productively and efficiently. You will learn how to work with fields and perform a mail merge. Then you will insert SmartArt diagrams, work with shapes, and format text graphically.

Next, you will learn how to format a document by adding sections, columns, and design elements such as watermarks and themes. In addition, you will learn how to use document references such as citations, indexes, and tables of contents. You will use Track Changes and prepare documents for sharing and exporting.

Finally, you will add interactive elements such as forms and content from other applications, and you will learn to work more efficiently in Word by customizing the ribbon, creating macros, using building blocks, and inserting subdocuments.

Table of Contents from Word Advanced

Word Videos from Chris Menard

Chris Menard’s YouYube Channel with over 40 Word videos



Word Keyboard Shortcuts

To select a paragraph, triple click a word. To select the document use CTRL + A. To clear formatting, CTRL + Spacebar. Insert a hyperlink is CTRL + K. To insert the filename and path in the footer, click here.

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