Webinar – University of Georgia – EMBA students

by | Jan 20, 2018

UGA  – Terry College of Business in Atlanta – EMBA Webinar

  • Date Recorded: January 17, 2018
  • Time: 7 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Microsoft Office Master Instructor / Host: Chris Menard
  • Introduction screen and music: Cristi Cotovan

About the Executive MBA program at UGA

Based in Atlanta at the Terry Executive Education Center, our Executive MBA program offers mid- to senior-level managers leadership development, international experience, and an invaluable network of contacts. Ranked the top program in Georgia and 14th in the world by The Economist, the unique program format combines weekend instruction, online learning, and residency weeks. You can earn a Georgia MBA in just 18 months.

Welcome to my second webinar for the Executive MBA students at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Specific bookmarks for sections in this video are below.

This webinar covers 10 reasons to use Tables instead of ranges in Excel. It covers PivotTable options for resizing columns and saving your source data. PivotTables portion of the video includes deleting your data source and still being able to manipulate your PivotTables. Plus, it shows how to have multiple subtotals inside a PivotTable.

Timestamps for Webinar

What are Timestamps? Time Stamps are links that allow you to jump to sections in the video. For timestamps to work, you need to view the video above on YouTube, click Show More, and then you can jump around to specific sections with the timestamp links.

TimeStamps in YouTube Video for Executive MBA students at the Terry College of Business


00:00 Introduction by Chris Menard
00:45 Creating a table Insert Table or CTRL + T
01:32 Filter & Sort
02:08 Table Styles
02:36 Total Row
03:09 Banded Rows and Banded Columns
03:32 Align Right and move to left with Increase Indent
04:12 Check your range before making a table. No blank rows.
05:16 Incorrect Range – fix with CTRL + A and CTRL + period.
07:00 Tables automatically expand.
07:32 Dynamic Chart.
08:49 Header Row automatically freezes.
09:50 Calculated Columns.
10:14 Automatic Nomenclature.
11:20 Second Poll to attendees.
12:40 Question about Charts / Graphs from a webinar attendee.
14:05 Contextual Tabs for Tables and Charts.
14:35 Pie Chart
15:28 PivotTable Created.
16:11 Dynamic PivotTable because of a table.
17:05 PivotTable column width option.
18:03 PivotTable save source data option.
15:54 Delete source worksheet and keep PivotTable.
20:30 Preview of next webinar.
21:00 Multiple Subtotals.
23:55 Free course on Table in Excel. https://chrismenardtraining.teachable.com/p/excel-tables
24:52 Gmail tip – use period in the address.
25:40 Question from an attendee. PivotTables show count instead of Sum.
28:00 T Function and IsText function.
29:00 Import Data from SAP? The answer is yes.
30:00 Save filters with Custom Views.
32:30 – YouTube

A link to my free hands-on, online training class Ten Reasons to use Tables instead of Ranges

Free course on Tables in Excel


Special thanks to the Terry College of Business in Atlanta for sponsoring this webinar for their EMBA students and allowing me to make it public on YouTube and LinkedIn.
Jeff, thank you for becoming an impromptu panelist and helping me out.

 First Webinar for UGA EMBA students from October 2017

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