Microsoft Word – Odd and Even Headers / Footers

Odd and even headers and footers are what you need if you are printing two-sided or duplex in Microsoft Word. The odd page number will be aligned right and the even page number will be aligned left. When someone thumbs through your report or manual the page numbers will always be on the outside.


  1. Start a Word document with at least two pages.Word - different odd and even headers
  2. Double-click the header or footer area (near the top or bottom of the page) to open the Header & Footer Tools.
  3. Select the Different Odd & Even Pages check box.
  4. On one of the odd pages, put the page numbers on the right.
  5.  On the even pages, put the page number on the left.

Microsoft Office support page for Odd / Even headers and footers.

Microsoft Word – Odd and Even headers / footers

YouTube Video – 1:27 below on duplex printing in Word.

Note: Even if you don’t want different page numbers, use this method for different headers and footers.

Chris Menard Word Tip

To underline words only, use CTRL + SHIFT + W. To perform double underline use CTRL + SHIFT + D. To increase the font size use CTRL + ]. To decrease font size use CTRL + [

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