PowerPoint Advanced Training on October 10, 2017

  • Location: Atlanta
  • Start Time: 8:30 am
  • Instructor: Chris Menard

Covered in this PowerPoint Class:

PowerPoint logoThis instructor-led course covers the advanced functions and features of PowerPoint 2013/2016. You will work with the slide master, import slides from other presentations. Learn how to insert audio and video into PowerPoint and set your timings to play automatically or when clicked. You will also learn how to import MS Word documents directly into PowerPoint without having to copy and paste.

You will create a slideshow, rehearse timing, create custom shows, and work with SmartArt.

Survey for PowerPoint

Survey for PowerPoint on 10/10/2017


Create a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Create a Photo Album

  1. Click the Insert Tab.
  2. Click Photo Album in the Images Group.
  3. Click File / Disk.
  4. Locate the folder that has your images.
  5. Click any picture then do CTRL + A to select all the images.
  6. Click Insert.
  7. Click Create.
  8. File | Save As and name your photo album.

Create custom shows in PowerPoint

Steps to create a custom show

  1. Go to Slide Show > Custom Slide Show, and then select Custom Shows.
  2. In the Custom Shows dialog box, select New.
  3. Under Slides in presentation, choose the slides that you want to include in the custom show, and then select Add.
  4. To change the order in which slides appear, under Slides in custom show, select a slide, and then click one of the arrows to move the slide up or down in the list.
  5. Type a name in the Slide show name box, and then click OK.


Videos from PowerPoint Advanced on October 10, 2017

Below are videos from some of the topics from PowerPoint level Advanced.

  1. Compress all images in PowerPoint at one time. With only 8 slides the original presentation is 11MB and after compression, it is less than 1MB.
  2. Insert a Word document into PowerPoint.

Steps to compress all images in PPT at once time.

  1. Click any image on a slide.
  2. Click Format under Picture Tools
  3. Click Compress Pictures
  4. Take the check mark out of Apply only to this picture
  5. Select web or email for your resolution
  6. Click OK.
  7. File Save As

Keyboard shortcuts for Slide Show delivery

  • F5 to start the slide show from the 1st slide.
  • Shift + F5 to start the slide show from the current slide.
  • B to make the screen go black.
  • W to make the screen to white.
  • A to show Show/Hide pointer.
  • CTRL + P change arrow to pen.
  • CTRL + A change pen to arrow.
  • E to Erase.

General keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL + M to insert a new slide.
  • CTRL + D to duplicate a slide.
  • CTRL + S to save.
  • CTRL + N to start a new presentation.

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