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Chris Menard – Instructor – Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program in the world and is the most requested program I teach to my clients in metro Atlanta. I offer three (3) levels of Excel training and each level has its own Microsoft approved courseware.

All Excel classes are instructed-led and on-site at your location. A description of each class is listed below and the table of contents from all levels can be found by clicking on the course level.

In addition to Microsoft Excel training, I have over 50 Excel training videos on YouTube. The videos came from questions asked during Excel training.

Excel level 1 – Basic

In this course, you will learn spreadsheet terminology and the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel 2013 / 2016, including identifying Excel window components, navigating worksheets, and downloading templates. In addition, students will learn the basics of entering and editing text, values, and formulas, and how to save workbooks in the native Excel format, as well as in other formats.

You will learn how to move and copy data and formulas, how to determine absolute and relative references, and how to work with ranges, rows, and columns. You will also learn how to use simple functions, and how to easily apply formatting techniques to worksheet data. They will create and modify charts, and work with graphics. Finally, you will review workbooks for spelling errors, modify page setup, and print worksheets.

Table of Contents from Excel Basic

Excel level 2 –¬†Intermediate

In this course, you will learn how to work with large worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2013 / 2016, and use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently. In addition, you will learn more advanced formatting techniques, such as applying special number formats, using workbook styles and themes, adding backgrounds, and mimicking watermarks.

Also, you will learn how to create outlines and subtotals, and how to create and apply cell names; sort and filter data, and create and format tables. They will learn how to save workbooks as Web pages, how to insert and edit hyperlinks, and how to share workbooks via email. Finally, you will learn how to audit worksheets for errors, how to protect worksheets, how to share and merge workbooks, and track changes in a workbook.

Table of Contents from Excel Intermediate

Excel level 3 – Advanced

In this course, you will further build on the skills acquired in the Microsoft Excel 2013 / 2016 Basic and Intermediate courses. You will work with advanced functions and formulas, as well as lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX.

In addition, you will learn about data validation and will use advanced data filtering. You will apply advanced chart formatting options, and create more complex charts. You will work with PivotTables and PivotCharts, export and import data, and query external databases.

You will learn about the analytical features of Excel, such as Goal Seek, and how to create scenarios. Finally, they will run and record macros, and explore VBA code.

Table of Contents from Excel Advanced

Excel Videos from Chris Menard

Chris Menard’s YouTube Channel with over 50 Excel videos.

Microsoft’s website for Excel Training


Current List of Excel Clients

  1. Georgia Society of CPAs
  2. Gwinnett Medical Center
  3. Mizuno USA
  4. University of Georgia – Executive MBA students
  5. Delta Dental

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