Excel Intermediate Training

Covered in this Excel Intermediate class is creating a 3D reference, consolidating data, advanced filters, and other great features.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training


Chris Menard – Instructor – Excel

We provide Microsoft Excel training in metro Atlanta. All classes are instructed-led and on-site at your location. We have three levels of Microsoft Excel. The table of contents from all levels is listed below. We can customize the Excel class for you also. Example: your staff may need a couple hours of Excel Basic (level 1) and four hours of Excel Intermediate (level 2). That isn’t a problem.

Chris Menard is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and was featured on Microsoft training website for two years. In addition to Microsoft Excel training, Menard has over 100 technology training videos on YouTube and write technology blog articles.

FAQ – Excel

  1. Can you train our staff if they are on different versions of Excel? Absolutely. Excel 2016 is the latest version but it is similar to Excel 2010 and 2013.
  2. Some of our staff have a MAC. Is that an issue? Not a problem at all. Chris Menard, when he trains the Executive MBA students at UGA, 80% of the class is on Windows, and 20% of the class is on MAC.

Table of Contents for Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Unit 1: Managing workbooks and worksheets

  • Topic A: Viewing large worksheets
  • Topic B: Printing large worksheets
  • Topic C: Working with multiple worksheets
  • Topic D: Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas
  • Topic E: Using multiple workbooks
  • Topic F: Linking workbooks

Unit 2: Advanced formatting

  • Topic A: Using special number formats
  • Topic B: Working with themes
  • Topic C: Other advanced formatting

Unit 3: Outlining and subtotals

  • Topic A: Outlining and consolidating data
  • Topic B: Creating subtotals

Unit 4: Cell and range names

  • Topic A: Creating and using names
  • Topic B: Managing names

Unit 5: Data structure and tables

  • Topic A: Sorting and filtering data
  • Topic B: Working with tables

Unit 6: Web and sharing features

  • Topic A: Saving workbooks as Web pages
  • Topic B: Using hyperlinks

Unit 7: Documenting and auditing

  • Topic A: Auditing features
  • Topic B: Comments in cells and workbooks
  • Topic C: Protection
  • Topic D: Workgroup collaboration

Unit 8: Application settings and templates

  • Topic A: Application settings
  • Topic B: Working with templates


Excel Intermediate Videos

The video above is from Excel Intermediate training. Most Excel users do a 3D reference incorrectly. Here is the correct way to do a 3D reference in Excel.

The video above shows how to quickly fill in empty cells with Go To and a keyboard tricks.

The video above shows how to transpose data. Transposing data allows you to switch your columns and rows quickly.

Current List of Excel Clients

  1. Georgia Society of CPAs
  2. Gwinnett Medical Center
  3. Mizuno USA
  4. University of Georgia – Executive MBA students
  5. Delta Dental

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