Correct data imported into Excel from a database

by | Aug 9, 2017

A client sent me an Excel file they pulled from a database. I had to correct the dates, numbers, and text so I could do calculations.

In this blog post, I cover:

  1. T function
  2. Text to columns
  3. CTRL + H for replace
  4. Trim function
  5. Convert text to numbers
  6. Convert text to dates
  7. Value Function

T Function in Excel

If the value is or refers to text, T function returns the value. If the value does not refer to text, T returns “” (empty text).

You do not generally need to use the T function in a formula because Microsoft Excel automatically converts values as necessary. This function is provided for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.

Value Function in Excel

I use the Value function to change what appears as a date but is actually text to a true date.

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YouTube Video of correcting Excel file


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